Most Guys

The last short story I wrote for college. I look at it and go “meh.” Most Guys Gary just sent me a text. “B rdy.” I asked him “For what,” but all I got in return was “7.” This is not the first time he’s done this. My guess is he needs a pong partner […]

The Balloonist

A man floats in a red hot air balloon. He’s in his mid twenties with bushy eyebrows and amused, dark brown eyes. His black hair is windblown and a beard grows like moss on a rock around his chin. He wears a grey striped sweater and blue jeans, both well worn to comfort. A pair […]

The Old Man

An old man rolls over in his bed, straining under the weight of his eyelids until, with a grunt, he peels them back enough to see. His elbows pop and his knees crackle as he slides his feet to the floor. He sits at the edge of his bed, fighting the urge to flop back […]