When writing really matters

A writer is always hoping to save humanity, whether he/she wants to admit it or not. We write with a hope that someone, somewhere, will read what we have written and be impacted in just the right way. Yet in this world of 140 characters and pictographic countdowns, it gets awfully hard for me to […]

To be pliable or to be uncompromising, that’s such a difficult question

There are two factors we all subconsciously weigh when confronted with new information; do I allow it to impact and change the way I think, or do I stand skeptical and not let it infringe on my current understanding of the world? A simpler, and perhaps counter-rhetorical way of saying this, is: do I allow […]

I am a Writer and Web Content Specialist (an extended resume of sorts)

Objective So this blog is part public self-depreciation, part publication and part promotion. Mostly, though, it’s a fourth wall breaking, aimless, sprawling experiment to increase my internet presence. Side note: does the Internet have a fourth wall to break? No, right? I think the Internet was just built with the rubble of the fourth wall. Therefore, […]