Work Schedule

7:10 am – Cup of coffee #1. Fantasy team maintenance. Finding the right Pandora station. Changing your face from “half awake” to “what’s on my computer screen is very important.”

8:00 am – Getting a jump on that project you were excited to start. Numbers are crunched. Advertisements are made. Much chin stroking is done.

9:00 am – Enthusiasm for the new project quickly wanes when you find out last week’s promotion was scrapped due to “employee misunderstanding” leading to “it just not working.” No one seems convinced that the new project just needs some time and tweaks.

10:00 am – Work on the new project comes to a complete halt when you find out on Facebook that your high school classmate just got his film entered into the Sundance Film Festival. You almost get caught by the boss watching the trailer on Youtube. You open up LinkedIn to surf the job listings, but give up after seeing your work experience. One of your coworkers stops you during your head-clearing walk to help with a computer problem. It turns out her monitor was off. Pandora has been asking if you’re still listening for a while now.

11:00 am – Cup of coffee #2. Your girlfriend texts you to ask how work is. You send back: “Fine 🙂 How was class?” It turns out she’s getting recognized for her writing aptitude and that her professor expressed her gratitude for the hard work she has put into her lab hours. Her success lifts your mood, and you jump back into the project with a new found determination. This determination is quelled when your boss and a coworker start complaining about the upper management. You try, in vane, not to join in. You spend the rest of the hour figuring out what to eat for lunch.

12:00 pm – Regret settles in halfway through your hamburger steak. You resolve to pack lunch tomorrow, even going to far as to write yourself a note this time. You take small, slow bites in between coworkers asking you questions and Louis CK stand-up videos on Youtube. You fight back to urge to growl at your desk neighbor when she keeps interrupting Louis to ask you about your upcoming trip. Hands washed and bowels voided, you look at the clock to see it’s only 12:20.

1:00 pm – Your other desk neighbor struggles to remember everything that was in his shopping cart when the lady at Foodland wouldn’t discount his dented can of peaches. While he runs down the list for the fourth time, you discover that yet another of your high school classmates has landed her dream job in a Seattle hospital. Half-way through her photo album “Now a Seattlleite” your coworker laughs and asks you “right?” You chuckle along, trying to jump back into his story. Apparently, at some point, he started complaining about one of the managers through a mouth full of cookies. You shake your head, laugh when he laughs, agree when he wants agreeing.

2:00 pm – The shift is over, though your boss doesn’t know it yet. You are now working on your own overtime trying to cram in the marketing report your boss just asked for. Half your energy is spent willing 3:00 to come sooner. The other half is spent fixing the typos in your hastily cobbled together email about last week’s project. At 2:55, you hit send and shut down your computer with one mouse click. Keys, wallet, phone and you’re gone.

You aspire to hit a coffee shop to get some writing done, but autopilot takes you home. You think about what you need to do to get your online business going, but after your workout your only impulse is to be horizontal as soon as possible. Tomorrow is another work day, after all. It only takes one day to get started.


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