When writing really matters

A writer is always hoping to save humanity, whether he/she wants to admit it or not. We write with a hope that someone, somewhere, will read what we have written and be impacted in just the right way. Yet in this world of 140 characters and pictographic countdowns, it gets awfully hard for me to have faith in the power of the written word.


And then an essay like this reminds me of just what writing can do.



Please read it, and vote for it if you feel so inclined. In doing so, you would be supporting someone I admire greatly.

I sometimes falsely credit structure and technical prowess with creating effective, powerful writing. It’s a flaw of the English academic, I’m afraid. Yet what I forget, and I urge you to remember, is that writing is about conveying an important message.

This essay reminds me that conviction and a cause far outweighs any linguistic acrobatics a writer can conjure up. It was written by a former English major and current law student to bring attention to a situation that has impacted her and many other lives.  The writing is straight forward and eloquent. It begins with a story and resolves into a call towards a solution. It is straight forward, clinically accurate, and yet is able to convey the emotional toll breast cancer can have on a family and humanity as a whole.

This piece has one purpose: to attack the problem at hand and urge a move towards a solution.

This is when writing really matters.



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